WD Announces Version 10.2 of Arkeia Network Backup Software

deduplication-backup-wdWD, a Western Digital company and provider of digital storage solutions, has announced version 10.2 of WD Arkeia network backup software for small and medium sized businesses, featuring significant scalability improvements to the WD Arkeia patented Progressive Deduplication technology. The solution ensures that critical business data is backed up on both the local network and in the cloud.

WD Arkeia’s Progressive Deduplication would make replication of backups to the cloud an affordable, tape-free alternative for offsite backup and recovery. WD Arkeia’s unique seed and feed technology allows the replication of large backup datasets to and from the cloud without the need for fast WAN connectivity

With WD Arkeia version 10.2, block optimization progresses continuously and orphaned blocks are recovered incrementally. No maintenance window has to be dedicated to the deduplication process and the largest deployments can affect block reclamation invisibly in the background, without administrator intervention.

Hybrid cloud backup

WD Arkeia version 10.2 is available now for download on www.arkeia.com. The release is free to all WD Arkeia customers on current maintenance contracts. This new capability is available for all WD Arkeia backup servers, whether deployed as software, appliances, or virtual appliances.

“WD Arkeia 10.2 extends WD’s hybrid cloud backup solution that offers the speed of LAN backups and the security of cloud storage,” said Bill Evans, general manager of WD’s business storage solutions group. “Seed and feed for overnight transport of large backup sets delivers the flexibility of rapid data recovery when needed.”