Weaveworks Announces Free Tier of Weave Cloud for Google Cloud Platform Users

Weaveworks has announced a free tier of its Weave Cloud for Google Cloud Platform users. Any developer can sign up today, launch an app on Kubernetes and “move quickly to tests, upgrades and operations.”

Weave Cloud for Google Kubernetes Engine would add delivery pipelines to Git repositories, release automation, monitoring and observability to enable application operations at scale.

Developers and operations staff would need to integrate multiple services to enjoy the benefits of Kubernetes. Setting up a cluster, adding continuous integration (CI) and then continuous deployment (CD), hooking up monitoring, logging and management are critical to running production systems. Weave Cloud for GKE would remove this complexity by providing a pre-integrated solution in one place with one coherent set of dashboards. This would accelerate both the initial experience of getting an application running and simplify the configuration and management of more advanced solutions.

Using the free tier of Weave Cloud would give developers everything they need to explore Kubernetes and start building cloud-native container applications without cost or complexity. From this starting point, developers can “easily” scale to commercial production on Google Cloud Platform, or run apps on the Kubernetes clusters of their choice.

Developers can download Weave Cloud on Google Cloud Platform from the GCP Launcher.

The benefits of Weave Cloud for GKE would include

  • Setup of a complete Kubernetes cluster and CI/CD pipeline in minutes
  • Faster rollouts, upgrades, audit and rollbacks
  • Built-in metrics, alerts, insights and observability for Kubernetes apps
  • Migration between Kubernetes cluster, even across multiple cloud providers and on-premises
  • Use Git and pull requests for auditable and reliable roll out of configuration changes (not just for apps)

“The Weaveworks team is making it fast and simple for developers to get their Kubernetes cluster up and running on Google Kubernetes Engine, wiring up tools that work in the way developers expect,” said Aparna Sinha, ‎Group Product Manager ‎for Kubernetes, Google. “The philosophy of  ‘operations by pull request’, known as GitOps, is very powerful and completely in line with Kubernetes design and makes it even easier for developers to start with Kubernetes today.”

Weave Cloud is also offered as an upgrade subscription on Google Cloud Platform for developers and operations teams that are deploying and managing applications in production. This offers larger data storage, additional functionality and integration with other development tools. Weave Cloud is used today by a range of enterprises to build and run some of the most complex applications and micro-services in production.

Google Ventures, Accel Partners

“Customers want the power of Kubernetes, but they want to spend less time and effort getting there. With Weave Cloud on GKE any developer can connect up their Git repos and have an operations-ready application in minutes,” said Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks. “We call it GitOps – the simplicity and speed of joining up build, deployment, monitoring and analytics in one place. Kubernetes is the future of application delivery and this is the missing piece.”

The Weave Cloud operations-as-a-service platform provides a continuous delivery pipeline for building and operating applications. Weaveworks also contributes to several open source projects, including Weave Scope, Weave Cortex and Weave Flux. It was one of the first members of the Cloud Native Computing Forum. Founded in 2014, Weaveworks is backed by Google Ventures and Accel Partners.

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