Web Hosting and Connectivity Provider Phoenix Internet Acquires Last Mile Communications

Phoenix Internet, a division of GPI offering services including high-speed broadband connectivity, web hosting, managed server hosting and colocation, has announced the acquisition of Last Mile Communications, also known as Wyde Beam Broadband. This acquisition would enhance the company’s ability to provide high-speed Internet to businesses and residents in the Phoenix-metro area, Wittmann, Payson and Tonto Basin.

Since 1997, Phoenix Internet has dedicated themselves to providing Valley businesses and residents with an alternative to the big name phone and cable Internet service providers. In many cases, they provide solutions to areas that are underserved or not serviced at all by those companies. With the acquisition of Wyde Beam, Phoenix Internet will expand its customer base to over 4,000 businesses and households and have offices in both Phoenix and Gilbert.

data-centers“When we started looking at Wyde Beam, we were excited about the synergy between the two companies. Both are dedicated to serving their customers and making high-speed Internet available to everyone,” said Andrew Gutierrez, Vice President of Phoenix Internet. “Once we are through the initial transition phase, we will begin working with Wyde Beam customers to upgrade their service speed. We are also planning to expand our service area, giving more businesses and residents options to access high-speed broadband service.”

Fixed-Point Wireless Internet

Phoenix Internet provides fixed-point wireless Internet services. This method of service delivery would have a number of advantages over other Internet service providers who only rely on existing cable or telephone wiring which in some areas can be completely non-existent.

With fixed-point wireless Internet, a small antenna is placed directly on the building and pointed at a nearby tower. This establishes a direct connection and feed into the business or home with no need to rely on a signal streamed through cables or wiring which would improve speed and reduce latency.

Over the years, Phoenix Internet has expanded their suite of business services to include colocation or data back-up and storage solutions, as well as telephone or voice services. As a division of GPI, with nearly 35 years of business experience, Phoenix Internet is offering a complete array of services, including high-speed broadband connectivity, web hosting, managed servers and server colocation.