Web Hosting Company ASPnix Launches Database Vault for Windows

ASPnix, a web hosting and automation software company, has launched Database Vault for Windows – a brand new backup solution for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Database Vault would offer a simple all-in-one solution for creating and managing MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database backups.

Database Vault has the ability to store database backups to a variety of storage locations and solutions, such as a local disk, external USB drive, network storage, or an offsite FTP server. More storage locations such as Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Google Drive are coming soon.

A single installation would easily manage an unlimited number of database backups and versions. Backups would take almost no time to create, and multiple databases can be backed up simultaneously, streamlining the process.

aspnix backupDatabase Vault supports both full and incremental backups for Microsoft SQL Server, as well as supporting SQL Server’s native backup compression. Additionally, database backups can be compressed to save space, are password protected, and AES-256 encrypted for security. Database Vault has email notifications support for successful or failed backups and can include the backup task log file for a quick diagnostics of what has failed or gone wrong.

Database Vault integrates with the Windows Task Scheduler to allow backup administrators to schedule and plan backup tasks or directly edit the scheduled task within the Windows Task Scheduler, allowing optimal control over the task’s execution.

Database Vault has been tested with databases from only several MBs all the way to 100GB.

ASPnix is a Denver, CO based web hosting and automation software company since 2003. The company’s services range from Cloud Windows and Linux Web Hosting to virtual private servers (VPS hosting) and dedicated servers.

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