Web Hosting Company Hetzner Online Invests in Baltic Sea Cable to Finland

German web hosting company and data center operator Hetzner Online is investing in a 1,100 km long deep-sea cable from Rostock to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The fiber optic link is expected to be put into operation in the spring of 2016. Preparations for cable system implementation have started with routing and marine surveys.

Hetzner Online has signed a contract with Finnish connectivity provider Cinia Group Ltd. for the acquisition of an undersea cable that will provide the first direct cable link between mainland Europe and the Nordic region. Finland is well situated geographically and is one of the most important connections between Eastern and Western Europe.

hetzner-onlineThe web hosting company will be using part of the fiber optic cable for fast and secured connectivity from its present data centers to Scandinavian countries in the future, thereby taking greater control over the quality of its data transmission.

The whole system will provide a total transmission capacity of 15 terabits per second and will play a key role in providing reliable and secure broadband connections for cloud hosting and data center applications.

In view of its very favorable climatic conditions and low energy prices, Finland is also of interest to Hetzner Online as a possible data center location.

Chief Executive Officer of Hetzner Online AG, Martin Hetzner, speaks of a milestone in the history of the company. “The new sea cable provides Hetzner Online with a broadband and latency optimized connection between a future data center location in the Nordic region and the Central European Internet infrastructure in Frankfurt.”