Web Hosting Company Name.com Starts Reselling DigitalOcean Droplets

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Name.com, a web hosting provider and ICANN accredited domain name registrar from Denver, Colorado, has started reselling DigitalOcean Droplets directly to its clients, expanding its product line to include “best-in-class” cloud computing.

Google Workspace, managed WordPress hosting, a large selection of SSL certificates, and an API for reselling domains are already part of the Name.com product suite. Name.com’s one-stop shop for “best-in-class” products for developers, small and medium enterprises, and startups has now grown with the inclusion of DigitalOcean Droplets.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to announce this partnership,” said Dave McBreen, Vice President, Name.com. “DigitalOcean is the ideal addition to our product suite. Streamlining services to better our customers’ experience is an ongoing initiative and priority for us. With this partnership Name.com is further positioned as an all-encompassing hub for building an online presence, website, or app.”

WordPress, Ubuntu

Photo Dave McBreen, Vice President, Name.com
“With this DigitalOcean partnership, Name.com is further positioned as an all-encompassing hub for building an online presence, website, or app,” said Dave McBreen, Vice President, Name.com.

One-click installs for WordPress, Ubuntu, and other popular frameworks are included in Name.com’s DigitalOcean offering, as are pre-configured DNS templates for quick and easy deployment. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Donuts Inc., Name.com Name.com sells domain names, web hosting, website builders, email services, SSL certificates, branded URL shortening and other website products. It now also offers DigitalOcean as an option for developing, testing, and scaling web applications from the ground up.

“Our partnership with Name.com is a classic example of two companies working together for the best interests of our customers,” said PJ Jayakumar, Global Head, Go-To-Market, DigitalOcean. “Name.com has built a strong customer base of developers and small businesses which rely on Name.com for their domain services. The combination of Name.com’s offerings and Digital Ocean’s cloud services provides simplicity for their customers’ workflows.”