Web Hosting Company RSHosting Announces Product Upgrade with JavaServer Pages (JSP) TomCat Technology

RSHosting.com, a web hosting provider established in 2003, has announced that it now supports JavaServer Pages (JSP) TomCat technology with their UK and USA based shared web hosting packages as well as its managed VPS, CloudVPS and Dedicated servers.

web-hostingAs an advanced web programming language similar to PHP, JavaServer Pages (JSP) uses Java Programming Language. To deploy and run JavaServer Pages, a compatible web server with a servlt container, such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty, is required.

RSHosting has chosen TomCat, the open source web server with a servlet container. The JSP Tomcat specialized shared web hosting plans will support instant development of applications and web pages based on JSP technology. The company has also introduced Tomcat JSP specialized managed VPS, CloudVPS and Dedicated servers for customers looking for seamless server upgrade options.

With the technology, web developers will be able to create web pages exhibiting dynamic content using JSP language. “Offering JSP TomCat specialized Web Hosting Plans will prove ideal for Professional Web Developers looking for JSP technology on robust and high performance servers at low price,” said Jennifer Robinson, Business Development Head of RSHosting.com.