1&1 IONOS​, one of the world’s largest web hosting services providers, announces its partnership with Spike – a provider of workspace communication and collaboration tools. Group Chat by Spike​ would allow 1&1 IONOS clients to leverage “the innate power of email and combine it with the productivity of chat.”

Spike’s Group Chat application “seamlessly” bundles a variety of useful collaboration tools in one workplace, including messaging, video, and phone calling capabilities. These centralized tools for collaboration in the workplace can be managed through a single app. It allows users to access and manage all of their business and personal email accounts with a unique email-based messenger interface.

Group Chat by Spike is available at no cost from 1&1 IONOS for anyone to use. Users who download Group Chat by Spike through 1&1 IONOS will also receive a special offering that includes the ability to maintain up to 100,000 searchable messages and up to 10 group chats. 1&1 IONOS customers with their own domain names will receive free unlimited groups and message archiving for one year. Group Chat by Spike is available on all devices and compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and web browsers.

“It’s part of our mission to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge products,” said Achim Weiss, CEO of 1&1 IONOS. “When we discovered that Spike was developing a groundbreaking Conversation Email, we immediately thought that this was a perfect fit for our existing email solution. Group Chat by Spike combines the convenience of messaging and collaboration tools with the familiarity of email, allowing our customers to maximize their productivity.”

Team Collaboration

Achim Weiss
“When we discovered that Spike was developing a groundbreaking Conversation Email, we immediately thought that this was a perfect fit for our existing email solution,” said Achim Weiss, CEO of 1&1 IONOS.

Group Chat by Spike offers a solution to the challenges of enterprise communication today, eliminating the siloes between email accounts. The application works with users‘ existing email accounts and can be used by anyone, both internally in a business and externally with any client, vendor or supplier regardless if they use Spike. Users are also able to integrate their calendars.

Shared files within Group Chat by Spike’s file management system are available for immediate preview. Users can easily find and share attachments without having to download them first. Additionally, all items are fully searchable without ever leaving the application or having to open an email.

It would be quite easy to set up a new group with just a couple of clicks, then give it a name and invite others to collaborate. It doesn’t matter if your collaboration counterparts use Group Chat by Spike or not. They would be able anyway to join the conversation by either logging in to Group Chat or by replying to an email from their existing email account. These are just some of the features offered by Group Chat by Spike. The application would include a host of other enhanced collaboration features.

!&1 IONOS“1&1 IONOS is trailblazing the web hosting space in offering modern communication for businesses,” said Dvir Ben-Aroya, co-founder and CEO at Spike.

“They are a natural strategic partner for us because they understand the future of the workspace. Group Chat by Spike gives 1&1 IONOS customers direct access to a collaborative workspace for their businesses.”

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