Web Hosting Provider Datarealm Introduces Cloud Server Platform

Datarealm’s own data center in Phoenix, AZ, with SSAE-16 Type II certification.

Datarealm, a web host founded in 1995 and headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, has unveiled a cloud server platform that will empower clients to provision virtual servers and secure network infrastructure almost instantly. The cloud platform is designed for quickly deploying high-availability virtual servers with automatic failover and recovery.

The Datarealm cloud server platform was built from the ground up to provide an environment that clients can trust to keep their data safe and private. All virtual server networks hosted on the Datarealm cloud platform are protected by a virtual router and firewall, which is positioned between the private network and the public Internet. Datarealm’s cloud resources are metered and billed by the hour.

The Datarealm cloud servers range from 512 MB of RAM with 2TB of data transfer, to 30 GB of RAM with 10 TB of data transfer. All cloud servers include a 20GB system drive, with additional resizable data drives available as required.

Additionally, clients are able to connect to their cloud servers over a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN), ensuring that all communication between them and their cloud servers is encrypted and impossible to intercept.

SSD technology

In order to provide the best possible experience for users, Datarealm’s virtual servers make use of a hybrid SSD-based SAN for storage. The SSD technology enables the data to be retrieved from storage much more quickly than traditional spinning disks, significantly improving performance.

All Datarealm cloud networks are also equipped with load balancers, which intelligently spread load between the servers that make up a network, ensuring that no one node becomes overloaded.

Key-highlights of the Datarealm cloud hosting platform include:

  • Full root access to all cloud servers.
  • Multiple public IP addresses.
  • Multiple OSes with the ability to create customized system templates for the easy deployment of servers tailored to meet specific needs.
  • Sharable and resizable data volumes that can be managed with LVM.
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