Web Hosting Provider GoDaddy Launches Offline Payment Solution

To support small businesses worldwide, web hosting provider GoDaddy has expanded their GoDaddy Payments offering with the launch of two offline point of sale (POS) devices, including a countertop Smart Terminal and mobile Card Reader. This marks an important leap for GoDaddy, as the company is now able to more comprehensively serve its more than 20 million customers of which 60 percent operate both online and offline.

While businesses don’t need a website to use GoDaddy’s POS devices, with consumers spending $791.70 billion online in the U.S. in 2020, GoDaddy considers an online store to be vital to businesses’ long-term success. The web hosting provider claims that the secret sauce of its POS solution is revealed in the seamless experience felt by businesses that sell both online and offline – like a brick and mortar that offers online orders with in-store pickup.

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GoDaddy - POS

GoDaddy’s POS would seamlessly integrate with GoDaddy’s Online Store to unify in-person and online sales in one organized place – the company’s new Commerce Hub.

Commerce Hub has been designed to help GoDaddy’s clients manage and track every sale, whether on-line, offline, or a hybrid of both. The dashboard provides an insight into how a company performs, including sales and orders for visual graphics and an ability to compare selling performance across the markets the company sells. Owners can view their inventory, personal sales access and online orders from Amazon to Google, Instagram, Facebook and more as the ultimate time and savings to health from this single sign.

“GoDaddy’s new point of sale offerings supercharge our clients’ ability to sell anywhere and grow,” said Osama Bedier, President of Commerce at GoDaddy. “We’re on a mission to enable small businesses with the most powerful yet easy-to-use commerce solutions at an unbeatable value. And we’re just getting started.”

POS Technology Acquired from Poynt

Photo Osama Bedier, President of Commerce at GoDaddy
“GoDaddy’s new point of sale offerings supercharge our clients’ ability to sell anywhere and grow,” said Osama Bedier, President of Commerce at GoDaddy.

The POS hardware is a result of technology acquired from Poynt in December 2020, combined with GoDaddy’s online marketing software. It’s specifically designed to streamline sales for small businesses – business owners also get tips to expand into new markets, complete orders, manage stocks and more throughout the company’s new Commerce Hub. The POS supplement would complete the GoDaddy Payments all-inclusive eCommerce, Virtual Terminal and Internet Pay Links trade package.

Clients are charged a 2.3 percent + 0 cents transaction fee for GoDaddy’s POS and 2,3 percent + 30 cents for Internet transactions. GoDaddy Payment allows all major payments, including Visa, MasterCards, American Express, Discover and contactless Apple Pay and Google Pay. There are no long-term contracts or monthly minimums involved. Most GoDaddy clients would receive GoDaddy payments in minutes and get payments as early as the next business day, to make transactions fast and easy.

As part of the POS launch, GoDaddy’s new offerings include:

  • GoDaddy Smart Terminal – Is a brick-and-mortar contemporary, stylish terminal. The Smart Terminal is versatile and low profile, dual-screened and does not require swiveling displays or other hardware to transact – also a concealed integrated receipt printer is included. Businesses may personalize it with their logo, so that their brands are expanded seamlessly. It’s available for $249.
  • GoDaddy Card Reader with Docking Station – This would be ideal for payments on-the-go at farmer’s markets and the like. The small hardware packs a punch, with a full 3-in-1 swipe, chip and tap function, and works with the GoDaddy Mobile App for a quick and intuitive experience. With a docking station for added flexibility and a battery life that lasts the whole day, businesses would never have to worry about missing a sale. It’s available for $49.

In order to further streamline the web hosting provider’s POS solution, entrepreneurs are enabled to customize their devices on-line before they come in the mail, from product listings to logos or customized receipts.

The Smart Terminal and Card Reader are now available on GoDaddy.com for purchase throughout the United States with a free 2-day delivery service, a one-year guarantee and a 24/7 customer support from GoDaddy.

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