Web Hosting Provider Media Temple Unveils New Shared Hosting Solution with Extra Speed

Media Temple, a Los Angeles-based company that provides web hosting and cloud hosting solutions, has transformed its shared hosting platform, Grid, into a “robust” managed shared hosting solution.

Adding to Grid’s clustered architecture (which boasts scalable bandwidth and auto-burst capabilities), the new shared web hosting solution set would offer enhanced ease of use, increased reliability and extra speed. In order to better serve freelance web designers, developers, small and medium agencies, Media Temple is rolling out three different plans: Grid Pro, Grid Agency and Grid Agency+. Additionally, the company is introducing Booster Packs, which customers can leverage to “cost-effectively” expand their resources, without having to switch plans. 

The shared web hosting starter plan, Grid Pro, includes 20GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth and 10 websites. All of the hosting packages are backed by Media Temple’s 24/7 customer support ‒ with the company’s team of certified engineers, CloudTech, providing proactive site monitoring and managed priority care to Grid Agency+ users.

Key features of Media Temple’s new shared web hosting plans would include:

More speed – faster than Grid, the new shared web hosting solutions boasts Solid State Drive (SSD) for storage and databases. It also leverages TrueSpeed CDN (Content Delivery Network), a global CDN powered by website security expert, SiteLock, that would increase website speed up to 40%. 

media-templeEnhanced simplicity – customers can now enjoy: an improved control panel and “streamlined” onboarding experience; a brand new, “user-friendly” file manager to “quickly” upload, edit and organize their files and folders; a new, one-click application installer that would provide an easy and time-efficient way to install and manage apps; as well as Google Apps for Work’s professional-grade email and collaboration toolkit.

Managed shared web hosting – Media Temple has added an expanded catalog of 20 one-click apps that are automatically managed and updated by the new app installer; SiteLock’s Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART), which automatically scans websites for vulnerabilities and removes any detected malware; as well as built-in 30-day file and database backups that come with the ability to restore individual files with one click via the new file manager. 

“We’ve taken one of the industry’s most robust shared hosting platforms and made it even more powerful by re-designing it to be easier to use, more reliable, faster and managed,” said Brian Kuhn, VP of Product at Media Temple. “Our new managed shared hosting solution is set up for continuous 24/7 operation, ensuring that no traffic bursts impact our customers’ websites/apps while also enabling them to securely scale up resources as they grow their business.” 

Media Temple’s unveiling of its new shared web hosting offering comes on the heels of other managed hosting-related announcements, as the company recently expanded its managed WordPress hosting solution and launched new managed cloud hosting services for AWS Cloud.