Web Hosting Provider Sitebytes Acquired by RealHosting

Dutch web hosting provider Sitebytes has been acquired by RealHosting, a company that is part of Total Webhosting Solutions. TWS has acquired various web hosting brands across Europe lately. Its current portfolio of web hosting brands includes Yourhosting, Versio, PCextreme, RealHosting, DeHeeg, Savvii, Provider, Neostrada, InforTelecom, Axarnet, Cartagon, SoHosted, Argeweb, Flexwebhosting, Alphamega Hosting, and now Sitebytes.

Sitebytes was founded in 1997 and offers web hosting, domain name registration and virtual servers to business customers. Due to the strong consolidation among web hosting providers, founder and director Gijsbert Rochat decided to join this web hosting conglomerate with his company, Sitebytes.

“For some time already, I was looking for the right successor for Sitebytes,” said Gijsbert Rochat. “Our customers are used to good services and I was looking for a partner with a similar philosophy. I also think it’s important to do business with a party that keeps its word. With Realhosting and TWS it was pleasant to deal. Within just a few weeks the whole process went from handshake to final transaction.”

For RealHosting, this is the tenth acquisition in twelve years. The company, with the support of TWS, is pursuing an active acquisition policy.

RealHosting, TWS

“Over the last few years we have made a number of acquisitions to accelerate our growth. In the meantime, you learn what is important,” said Pim Effting, Managing Director at RealHosting. “The company Sitebytes is on the right track, with happy and loyal customers and a focus on a good customer experience. We speak the same language. This allows for a good match between our companies.”

RealHosting has been providing web hosting and domain registrations since 2001. The company is part of TWS since 2017.

“The acquisition of precisely this type of smaller web hosting company fits in very well with the companies of TWS and will be continued in the coming years,” said Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO of TWS. “Our scale is often above average for these companies. For example, because cross-selling now becomes possible, which is leading to revenue growth. In addition, we can roll out the investments in infrastructure and technology on a larger scale, creating opportunities for cost savings. By joining TWS, it is precisely these smaller companies that can benefit from these advantages, and thus become a better and more successful company.”

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