web hosting explained

Shared web hosting is the cheapest hosting option available on the market and therefore popular among small businesses that want to have a relatively simple web presence. Within this option, many websites of multiple customers share the same server hardware. If you don’t need root access to gain administrative rights and if are okay with a hosting plan that shares all of its resources (e.g. CPU, memory, filesystem, sockets, et cetera), then shared web hosting is a cheap hosting option.

A shared web hosting account doesn’t require a profound knowledge of the hosting technology and its control systems. Most hosting providers offer two flavors for shared web hosting, the well-known Windows OS and Linux alternative – managed through a user-friendly cPanel account. In case you’re a high bandwidth user or a relatively large data storage processor, or when your hosting demand requires a plurality of email accounts and direct access to database solutions, then think of a dedicated server as your ideal option. If you don’t have too much in-house hosting knowledge available, then try a managed dedicated server instead.

cloud server on the other hand might be a better option to choose if you’re looking for very elastic and feature-rich hosting.