Web Server ‘The Vantage Store’ Gets Day Off for Thanksgiving

web-hosting-thanksgiving-storeWith more retailers electing to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day 2013 to present early Black Friday deals, online shop The Vantage Store has decided to actually shut down its website on Thanksgiving Day.

For 24 hours the website, an online store created by high school students, will redirect to a web page which states – We are closed for Thanksgiving so that our web server can have the day off :-).

This should be a time to stay home with friends and family especially for the employees of the stores that are remaining open who may have no choice in the matter, according to The Vantage Store.

Enjoy the holiday!

This should be a time to stay home with friends and family, according to The Vantage Store.

For the ones embracing Gray Thursday as part of holiday shopping ritual, The Vantage Store is offering a link to Amazon.com; however, the website suggests that instead of going shopping at stores or even online that people should consider just enjoying the holiday.

It’s unclear on whether The Vantage Store will be open or closed for Christmas or other holidays.