Webair Expands its Fully Managed Cloud Server Platform to Amsterdam

managed-cloud-serversWebair, headquartered in New York, has expanded the Webair Cloud Server Platform to its Amsterdam data center location, now offering Webair Cloud Servers to customers across Europe.

The Webair Cloud Server Platform would be designed to provide clients with scalability, redundancy and load balancing of traffic between the United States and Europe.

Webair’s Cloud Server solution is a fully managed cloud hosting platform providing guaranteed resources such as CPU, memory and IOP/s and allows for Hybrid Cloud configurations in the Amsterdam data center facility with a mix of cloud compute, physical servers and colocated servers

Cloud load balancing

Every Webair Cloud Server plan includes a free industry standard software stack pre-installed, guaranteed memory capacity and instantly upgradeable service plans. The cloud server platform is designed to work seamlessly with Webair Cloud Load Balancing and Cloud Storage technologies to offer unified solutions for fully load balanced cloud instance to run large websites. Traffic can also be balanced between clusters in New York and Amsterdam, providing greater global performance and redundancy.

Founded in 1996, Webair is a provider of managed hosting solutions offering a variety of hosting services including public, private & hybrid cloud hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, CDN and video streaming solutions. Headquartered in New York, the company operates an international network of data centers located in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and Amsterdam.