Webcast – Building A Secure Cloud Platform Leveraging VMware NSX and Intel Technologies

Anthony Dezilva, Product Manager, Security Services, PhoenixNAP,
William Bell, Experienced IT Services Executive – Cloud Infrastructure Evangelist, PhoenixNAP

In this webcast, we cover the market gap and other reasons that led us to create this service offering. We discuss the process we used to vet our existing systems and why we chose to architect and build from the ground up. We also explain how we integrated real-time monitoring and threat detection as core component and why this increases the overall security posture of our customers, with a particular focus on increased aggregate visibility and how the greater the number of dots, the clearer the overall picture.

We also dive into how we leveraged the latest in software-defined networking (including VMware NSX technologies), good reference architecture techniques, and security best practices to create a secure platform and achieve regulatory compliance. By exploring architecture we’ve developed and implemented for regulatory-sensitive workloads, we examine how we’ve leveraged NSX micro-segmentation and virtual routing capabilities to product two- and three-tier implementations that go far beyond the level of on-premises technical capabilities.

Our goal is to show you what’s possible. The paradigm changed. Networking and cloud converged. This brings new tools professionals can use to enhance security postures. We also aim to create an open forum to foster communication about usage of cloud-based technologies for regulatory-sensitive workloads and how anyone can augment their on-premises implementation to gain better visibility into and control over both north-south and east-west traffic.

For more details about the new cloud security platform by phoenixNAP and Veeam, visit this page: https://phoenixnap.com/security/data-security-cloud

Duration: 00:48:08
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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