Webcast – How to Secure your vSphere Environment with VMware DRaaS

Implementing a proper disaster recovery system can help organizations avoid operational disruptions, whether they are caused by natural disasters or human errors. For vSphere environments, VMware DRaaS is an optimal solution as it relies on proven VMware technologies to provide flexible, hypervisor-based replication. With constant availability of the latest replicas of your data, you can recover your mission-critical workloads in a matter of minutes and thus avoid major money or data loss.

VMware DRaaS is based the powerful VMware vCloud Availability solution, which is integrated into VMware vCloud Director. It is easy to setup and manage on your vSphere environment, and it also provides cost-efficiency as it eliminates the need to build a second DR site. You can implement it through a trusted VMware Cloud Provider simply and cost-efficiently.

In this webcast, phoenixNAP’s Executive VP of Products, William Bell, explains its benefits for your business and takes you through the implementation process. You will learn:

– What are the major threats to your vSphere environment
– How VMware DRaaS helps you overcome these threats
– What steps you need to take in order to implement it
– How you can effectively manage it

Duration: 00:46:21
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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