WebHostFace Adds SSD to Its Shared Web Hosting and Introduces R1Soft and McAfee

WebHostFace, a web hosting provider based in Delaware, U.S., has announced several new shared web hosting products and partnerships that aim to improve their services in terms of speed and security.

cloud-security-mcafeeAll WebHostFace’s shared web hosting clients can now benefit from SSD drives on their machines that would quicken database and email queries. Backups are now handled with R1Soft software, which would guarantee fast and flexible data recovery. A new partnership with security vendor McAfee widens the options for protecting online projects against malicious actions.

We are always looking to address the major factors that influence client decisions so the new additions were only natural,” said WebHostFace CEO, Valentin Sharlanov. “If we can make even the smallest of difference in a positive direction – we will always snatch the opportunity.”

The partnership with security moguls McAfee resulted in giving customers the opportunity to harden their websites and protect them against vulnerabilities. Every WebHostFace user can now see a McAfee icon in their cPanel and try Secure Lite free of charge for a limited time. After the trial period there will be an opportunity to purchase the service and continue using it with all its features. During the trial all would still benefit from having a certification trustmark issued by a respectable company for a limited number of visits.

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