Webhosting UK Launches MTvScan – a New Website Scanning Tool

Webhosting UK (WHUK), a web hosting provider in the UK since 2001, has unveiled its new website scanning tool, MTvScan. The company claims the product will provide a whole solution for website protection, guarding against widespread and complex threats such as SQL injections, XSS vulnerabilities and a range of other online threats faced by users today.

The host assures users about MTvScan that it can help to protect websites from a range of vulnerabilities that blight webmasters. Malicious attacks take place on a daily basis and can include Trojans, viruses, SQL injections and XSS vulnerabilities. Attacks against server-side software such as Joomla and WordPress are also common. MTvScan is a whole solution that can offer protection against these and many more, says a representative from WHUK..

web-hosting-uk“MTvScan will protect a website from these threats and goes further than just scanning web pages and servers by checking a domain against RBLs,” said Robert King, Managing Director of Webhosting UK. “The simplicity and flexibility of MTvScan means that scans can be scheduled at the user’s convenience and as they take place remotely, they will never impede on the performance of a website”. Once a scan has been completed, the report is then delivered via email so that there is no waiting around for the scan to complete.”

Webhosting UK has put together a range of MTvScan packages so that protection is available for all website sizes and budgets. The Monthly and Fortnightly packages would be an ideal option for small and medium websites. Large websites that receive large flows of traffic and online retailers would benefit from Weekly or even Daily scans. Customers can also expect complete flexibility as all services are provided with no contract.