Webinar – Back up or pay up: Guide to surviving a ransomware pandemic

Ransomware is wreaking havoc on businesses of all sizes, and it’s showing no intention of slowing down. As it continues to spread and evolve, experts predict that by next year, ransomware damages will exceed $20 billion. And the most troubling fact — there is no immunity from ransomware.

Surviving this cyber pandemic involves understanding how ransomware works and implementing critical strategies to prevent attacks and mitigate potential damage. As it turns out, secure off-site backups have proven to be an effective counterweight to ransomware.

In this webinar, we’ve brought together experts William Bell, VP of Products at phoenixNAP and Michael Deemer, Inside Systems Engineer at Veeam to help you understand the importance of backups in keeping your business operational when disaster strikes.

Watch the video to learn:

● Anatomy of a ransomware attack
● Latest developments in the world of phishing and social engineering
● Dos and Don’ts of ransomware protection and the significance of backups
● Practical strategies and tactics for mitigating potential ransomware damage
● Available solutions from phoenixNAP and Veeam

Duration: 00:56:49
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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