Webinar – Critical Considerations for Cybersecurity Enhancements in 2021

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are accelerating their digital transformation by moving their workloads from their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Together with the promise of maximizing performance and cost-efficiency, the cloud also brings new security risks. Migrating workloads and data to the cloud opens up new spaces for a potential cyberattack making businesses exposed to new types of intrusions.

Last year, we saw a massive increase in the number and sophistication of cyberattacks, as the pandemic sparked an increase in phishing, malware, and ransomware campaigns. Companies no longer believe that the existing security practices can provide adequate protection. Recent research from IDG shows that 78% of IT security leaders lack confidence in their company’s security postures. Fighting new, sophisticated cyber threats and successfully protecting business-critical workloads in the cloud requires redefined security approach.

Watch this webinar to learn about cloud infrastructure protection best practices. You’ll hear from our security experts William Bell, EVP of Product at phoenixNAP, and Michael Deemer, Inside Systems Engineer at Veeam. They will walk you through the anatomy of Data Security Cloud’s architecture, developed in our cooperation with Veeam. Building a highly secure infrastructure is costly and complex, but we made it affordable, simple to deploy, and easy-to-scale.

• Cloud security challenges facts and stats
• Best practices for securing cloud infrastructure
• Multi-layered security – a modern approach to battling advanced cyber threats
• How to ensure business continuity using Veeam Backups
• Data Security Cloud + Veeam – safest cloud infrastructure solution

Duration: 00:42:53
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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