Webinar – Cybersecurity and Compliance in the Age of the Hybrid Workforce

Work from home has recently become a new normal due to the outbreak of a global health crisis. As businesses are resuming their normal operations, some employees are coming back to the offices while a portion remains at home.

This newly formed hybrid workforce brings an increased complexity of network and cybersecurity management, expanding the attack vector. Organizations that operate under strict regulatory requirements and have specific security certification goals need to rethink their policies to overcome the emerging challenges.

Watch this webinar to learn more about these challenges and best practices to overcome them. Our speakers will open a discussion with answers to the most common questions related to cybersecurity in organizations transitioning to and back from work-from-home policies. After that, they will provide an overview of compliance and security issues that emerged over the last few months, sharing expert advice on what can be done to solve them.

William Bell, EVP of Products, phoenixNAP
Mark Butler, CISO, MegaPlanIT

• Key questions related to managing cybersecurity in the remote work setting
• Overview of the most common cyber threats to today’s organizations
• The emergence of hybrid workforce and new IT security challenges
• Compliance and security solutions and best practices

Duration: 00:56:37
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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