Webinar – Empowering Network Agility in Multi-Cloud Environments

Modern approaches to IT have redefined requirements for corporate networks. Agile teams, and particularly cloud-native application developers, need a network infrastructure that enables them to securely and easily connect different cloud, edge, and service mesh environments while delivering predictable performance at scale.

Unfortunately, traditional interconnection options don’t meet the needs of agile development. Engineering teams have had to accept either slow provisioning times and inflexible connection and consumption models, or a lack of security and predictable performance.

In this webinar, we will discuss how next-generation interconnection approaches are bridging the gap between high performance and security requirements and networking agility needed for efficient multi-cloud network management.

Our speaker Ian McClarty, President at phoenixNAP, along with Alex Henthorn-Iwane and David McLean from PacketFabric, will provide expert advice on the topic. Through an overview of key concepts in cloud core network management, a comparison of current vs emerging interconnection options, and a demo of PacketFabric’s on-demand hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity, they will offer practical guidance on how to modernize your network strategy for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

• The modern hybrid and multi-cloud core and its networking requirements
• Challenges of traditional interconnection options
• Next-generation cloud connectivity defined
• Demo of on-demand, private multi-cloud network connectivity with PacketFabric
• Intro to phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud network features

Duration: 00:47:22
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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