Webinar – Empowering Object Storage Agility in the Hybrid Cloud

Adopting a cloud-native strategy means accelerated time to market for new services and features. To facilitate scalability and portability, modern apps utilize containers, microservices, and API-centric solutions. A big part of any cloud-native architecture is also storage.

Solutions such as S3-compatible object storage allow organizations to leverage the S3 API for easy storage access and automated storage provisioning.

One of the key players in the object storage field is Cloudian. The company recently released the Kubernetes S3 Operator — an API-driven management environment for quick provisioning of S3-compatible object storage. This new solution aims to reduce complexity when moving data from on-prem or in the cloud.

Watch this webinar to discover how DevOps organizations can modernize their cloud-native apps and achieve maximum portability with S3-compatible storage.

You will hear from:
• William Bell, EVP of Products at phoenixNAP
• Grant Jacobson, Technology Alliances and Partner Marketing Director at Cloudian
• Sandeep Cariapa, Director of Product Management at Cloudian

• Overview of the latest object storage technologies and trends
• A look at the new generation of apps leveraging agile object storage
• The importance of S3-compatible object storage in cloud-native development
• Benefits of using S3-compatible storage with bare metal
• Introduction to solutions from phoenixNAP and Cloudian

Duration: 00:51:28
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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