Webinar – Encryption as a Service: Key to Ensuring Cloud Security and Compliance

Encryption is the foundation of cloud security and, as such, also a requirement for compliance. Many regulations require implementation of data encryption and mechanisms for proper management of cryptographic keys. This involves ensuring secure storage of and access to encryption keys, as well as strict controls over their generation, modification, and deletion.

Encryption-as-a-Service emerged as a flexible solution to meet these security and compliance requirements.

The subscription-based delivery model significantly reduces the costs and complexity of installation, while allowing for easy scaling. The latest Encryption as a Service solutions also help simplify administration of cryptographic keys, tokens, and secrets, which can be highly complex in hybrid IT environment. The increased distribution of workloads between on-prem and multiple cloud environments makes encryption key management a challenging task.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the best practices to address these challenges. The session will cover the importance of encryption, the emerging models for its implementation, and best practices for encryption key management.

We’ll also introduce you to our newest security offering available on our Data Security Cloud – Encryption Management Platform (EMP).

For this session, our VP of Products, William Bell, will be joined by Rob Lee, VP of Partnerships and Nishank Vaish, Senior Product Manager at Fortanix, a multicloud security company providing solutions for data and application encryption and key management.

Watch the webinar to find out more about:

1. The importance of encryption for security and compliance
2. Encryption as a Service as an emerging model for implementing encryption
3. Encryption key management challenges and best practices
4. Fortanix Self-Defending Key Management System (SDKMS) features
5. Fortanix SDKMS integration with phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud

Duration: 00:47:14
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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