Webinar: Grow your business with Google Workspace

Everything you needed to know about reselling Google Workspace to bring your business to the next level. Discover how Google makes it easier than ever to support your clients’ productivity needs and how to uncover new opportunities to grow your business. You’ll learn about:

Navigating Google’s Partner Advantage portal
Simplified partner onboarding
New Google Workspace offers

00:00 – 01:37 Introduction & housekeeping
01:37 – 12:30 Introduction to Google Workspace
12:30 – 16:48 Partner Advantage portal
16:48 – 27:08 Partner onboarding
27:08 – 38:19 New offers
38:19 – 46:11 Q&A*
46:11 – 48:03 Closing**

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Duration: 00:47:13
Publisher: SherWeb
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