Webinar – Inside the Meet-Me-Room: Telxius, Enabling Communication

With countless edge locations, dense fiber routes, and robust interconnectivity hubs, today’s global Internet infrastructure allows for nearly latency-free communication almost anywhere on Earth. One of the companies that made it all possible is Telxius, a neutral communication infrastructure operator with a presence in phoenixNAP’s flagship data center in Phoenix.

With a portfolio of over 30,000 sites and miles of kilometers of fiber worldwide, Telxius is a Tier 1 ISP and a top IP carrier to LATAM market. The company operates an international network of 87,000 kilometers of high capacity fiber optic submarine cable, including the two highest capacity subsea cables in the world, BRUSA and MAREA.

In this virtual session, experts from Telxius talk about the company’s efforts to enable global communication and how it works together with phoenixNAP’s to provide new connectivity options in Arizona and beyond.

In this video you will find out more about:
• Telxius’s communication infrastructure (the highest capacity subsea cables in the world, BRUSA and MAREA)
• Getting access to over 300 million fixed and mobile broadband users in Europe and Latin America
• Telxius deployments with phoenixNAP in Arizona and Sao Paulo

Duration: 00:35:38
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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