Webinar – Keeping a Tight Grip on Office 365 Security While Working Remotely

As businesses and their employees adapt to working remotely, maintaining a tight grip on Office 365 security is paramount. All it takes is one unfortunate click on a malicious email link to bring your workflow to a halt.

Since Microsoft doesn’t offer remote Office 365 backups by default, businesses are increasingly in need of alternative backup solutions to protect their confidential data and maintain regulatory compliance.

In this webinar, William Bell, EVP of Products at phoenixNAP, and Michael Deemer, Inside Systems Engineer from Veeam share their perspectives on how to stay productive with Office 365 in a remote workspace without sacrificing security.

Watch the video and learn about:

• Major challenges businesses are facing with teleworking
• Security best practices in a remote work environment
• Properly securing Office 365 to maintain productivity and compliance
• Overcoming Office 365 backup and storage limitations
• Available solutions from phoenixNAP and Veeam

Duration: 00:46:47
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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