Webinar – Office 365 Backups: Things You Didn't Know

Office 365 comes with many amazing features, but backup is not one of them.

As teams race to meet deadlines and complete their tasks from home, Office 365 data loss and breaches are all the more likely to occur.

Since Microsoft does not include data backups by default, this might have larger consequences for your company than you think. It only takes one hasty click on a malicious email link to bring an organization to a standstill.

Veeam surveyed over 1,000 IT Pros and found that 81% experienced data loss in Office 365 – from simple user error to major data security threats. That’s why the only foolproof way to ensure maximum productivity under remote work conditions is to have secure, off-site Office 365 backups.

In this webinar William Bell, EVP of Products at phoenixNAP, and Michael Deemer, Inside Systems Engineer at Veeam will discuss:

• Shared responsibility for Office 365 between you and Microsoft
• Risks associated with not having off-site backups
• Resolving the issue of compliance with backups
• Cost-cutting benefits of cloud-based backups
• Available solutions from Veeam and phoenixNAP

Duration: 00:34:41
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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