Webinar – Ransomware Protection Playbook: Instant Recovery in Any Cloud

Ransomware has had another record-breaking year. The attacks doubled in frequency, grew in volume by 151%, and evolved into 100 different strains currently circulating around the world.

With the threat constantly lurking over businesses, backup and disaster recovery strategies have become critical to ensuring operability. Parallel to the growing sophistication of ransomware attacks, security technologies have evolved to better fight the threat.

Today, a simple backup solution won’t do against high profile attacks. That’s why organizations need to consider advanced solutions such as Instant Recovery in Any Cloud and data immutability, which help minimize the risk of business disruptions, downtime, and data loss. By keeping pace with technology advancements, business can ensure efficient recovery after the attack, getting their operations back on track as quickly as possible.

Watch our live discussion with Veeam and Backblaze to learn how to leverage advanced backup and disaster recovery technologies to protect your business from disruptions!

Our speakers will discuss key components of an efficient disaster recovery strategy, as well as tools and solutions that can help you ensure 24/7 availability. You will learn how to efficiently plan for backup and DR deployments, how object lock helps you protect from insider attacks, and what tools you can use to recover your data with minimum complexity.

You will learn:
• Why Ransomware continues to be the world’s greatest cyber threat
• How to efficiently plan backup and disaster recovery implementations
• When to consider deploying object lock and immutable backups
• How to recover data using a single command with Backblaze Instant Recovery in Any Cloud

Martin Wielomski, Director of Products at phoenixNAP
Michael Deemer, Systems Engineer at Veeam
Elton Carneiro, Director of Partnerships at Backblaze

Duration: 00:53:29
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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