Webinar – Threat Management Solutions and Best Practices with phoenixNAP

Presenter: Anthony Dezilva, Security Services Product Director at phoenixNAP

Using a reliable Active Threat Detection system is critical for minimizing the risk of cyber incident. By proactively looking for signs of compromise in their network activity, organizations can better protect their data.
Find out how an Active Threat Management solution can help you keep your data safe from cyber threats. Our Security Services Product Director, Anthony Dezilva, will discuss the industry’s best practices for data protection and introduce you to our recently launched InfraSentry security services. InfraSentry takes syslogs from sources such as firewalls, switches, and servers, and correlates them with industry threat data signatures to identify behaviors that signal a potential threat event. These threat behavior patterns are gathered from, and updated based on industry threat data feeds, keeping current with up-to-date data on potential malicious activities.

The talk will cover:
– Threat management basics
– Implementation best practices
– InfraSentry Security Services features

Duration: 00:44:29
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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