Webinar: Using Cloud Infrastructure to Optimize Business & People Performance

Properly scaling your business is important for long-term success. Hubspot was able to scale their business from 10 employees and a handful of customers to over 800 employees and over 13,000 customers in just 7 years.

How did they do it? They were able to stay ahead of the scalability curve by using cloud infrastructure services.

On June 30th, 2015, join our webinar with Hubspot’s CIO, Jim O’Neill, and Dyn’s CMO, Kyle York, as they discuss just how Hubspot did it. You’ll learn 3 key infrastructure elements to invest in, commonalities and differences in customer and employee needs, and what payoffs you’ll get from proper infrastructure optimization.

Register for the webinar at http://dyn.com/hubspotscale

Duration: 1:
Publisher: Dyn
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