Webinar: WordPress Cluster for Enterprise High-Availability and On-Demand Scaling

Website availability and performance have a direct business impact. Find out what kind of configurations can make WordPress sites scalable, highly available, bulletproof against any downtimes or malware attacks. Avoid a bad user experience caused by the downtime with a help of pre-packaged WordPress cluster that includes automated server scaling and database replication, built-in HTTP/3 ready CDN and SSL, integrated WAF and layer-7 anti-DDoS filtering, as well as a set of other features required for high availability and security of your sites.
WordPress Cluster Installation Guide https://jelastic.com/blog/wordpress-hosting-enterprise-high-availability-auto-scaling/

WordPress Standalone Installation Guide https://jelastic.com/blog/wordpress-hosting-standalone-container/

How to migrate to Jelastic WordPress hosting https://jelastic.com/blog/migrate-wordpress-site/

Presentation https://www.slideshare.net/jelastic/wordpress-cluster-for-enterprise-highavailability-and-ondemand-scaling

Send a request to get access to Jelastic WordPress cluster, as well as assistance while migration and customization https://jelastic.com/managed-auto-scalable-clusters-for-business/#wordpress

Duration: 01:02:17
Publisher: Jelastic Cloud
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