Webinar – World Backup Day: Key Steps to Proactive Data Protection

Ten years ago, a global community of internet users established March 31st as World Backup Day to raise awareness of the importance of backing up data. Today, after a massive global shift to remote work policies, maintaining regular and secure backups is even more critical.

That is why we picked this date for our next webinar with Veeam, where we will discuss the importance of backups and provide guidance for creating and implementing a backup strategy.

Our speakers will talk about backup as an essential step to proactive cybersecurity, which is increasingly considered a more efficient approach than focusing on reactive measures. They will explain the 3-2-1 backup rule, as well as solutions and technologies available to you to implement it in your organizations.

Watch this video to learn about:
• Backups by the numbers – how today’s organizations are perceiving and using backups.
• Backups and remote work – how and why did the shift to work-from-home policies changed our need for backups.
• Growing importance of proactive security measures – why organizations increasingly prioritize proactive instead of reactive measures.
• 3-2-1 backup rule – the proven strategy for storing your backups.
• Backup solutions – technologies available to you to create an efficient backup strategy.

• William Bell, EVP of Products, phoenixNAP
• Karl Camilleri, Cloud Services Product Manager, phoenixNAP
• Michael Deemer, Inside System Engineer, Veeam

Duration: 00:55:28
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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