Southeast Asia domain registrar WebNIC, a company with more than 21 years of experience in the Internet market, has launched its new service, Premium DNS. The company claims its new service to be a significant upgrade over its present DNS system. It would be one of the most cutting-edge DNS systems available on the market.

WebNIC thinks that its new Premium DNS service will add significant value to over 5,000 of its active partners in providing online services to end customers in terms of speed, dependability, and security, all of which are critical in today’s digital world.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It plays a critical role in making the Internet more accessible to Internet users. The Internet is a network of interconnected computers that use IP addresses to communicate (a string of numbers). Users, on the other hand, have a hard time remembering them, thus they must be converted into domain names that are easily remembered. DNS is one of the most important foundations of the Internet as we know it today, and it plays a vital part in this. Browsing the Internet might not be as simple as we know it if it didn’t exist.

Domain Name Services

WebNIC’s Premium DNS service would provide the company’s partners with a more robust and reliable DNS service when it comes to providing domain name services to end customers. According to the company’s website, this new service has a number of improvements that improve DNS speed. Some of the features include resolving DNS requests through a global network of DNS servers, Geo Routing for traffic flow management, extremely reliable content delivery closer to customers to reduce latency and time to first byte, 99.99% service uptime, worldwide real time DNS propagation to instantly update every worldwide Nameserver, serving contents from cache in case of original server failure, and many more.

WebNIC also stated that in order to help its partners get the most out of this new service, it has set up a DNS administration dashboard and RESTful API for simple interaction with its products and services, which include domain transfer-ins, automatic SSL Domain Control Validation (DCV), automated Microsoft 365 domain verification and DNS Template, and more.

WebNIC is an accredited registrar for ICANN, and various countries including Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, and Africa. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan, WebNIC serves 5,000 active resellers over 70 countries.