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In this video piece, Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at 123-reg, explains what the six biggest mistakes that can harm your website are.

The first one is represented by bad grammar and spelling errors. Hence make sure that the text featured on your website is proofread and cleared of any related mistakes. It is an easy to address aspect, simply copy paste the text in Word and deal with any underlined elements.

The second thing to harm your website resides in poor readability. And this notion encompasses text size and flow and accompanying images and colours. Take into consideration that the traffic on your website is made by visitors that use either a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobile phone. Therefore, be sure that the text on your website is readable from any of these devices. Secondly, choose background colours and images that don’t overwhelm the text. As for its flow, the content of your website needs to be spaced out and its ideas to run coherently and clearly. To test the fluency of your copy, simply read it out and see if you stumble or if it easy to follow.

A third mistake to avoid for the sake of your website is to lack or to have hard to find calls to action. Depending on what you want the website visitors to do next when reaching the bottom of your webpage, include a clear directive to that following step. The users expect you to direct them, hence fulfill that expectation.

The absence of trust signals represents the forth drawback for any site. You can easily ‘adjust’ this inconvenience by featuring on your website the logos of any organisations that you are a member of or signs of affiliations and accreditations. A customer testimonial or a map showing your office can be used as an alternative. Regardless of which one of these you choose to employ, it will definitely help visitors trust your business more.

The fifth mistake that damages your website results from broken links and poor navigation. When putting your website together, check each and every link to be functional and also to be logical, leading the visitor to where they expect to be taken.

Finally, the sixth harming element comes from missing lead capture forms or contact details. If the users are engaged when visiting your website, they will surely want to get in touch with you. Therefore, make sure this is possible by providing as many ways as you can for this to happen. Telephone number, e-mail and physical address, Facebook and Twitter widgets are essential details that count and enable one to contact you so don’t forget to display them.

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Duration: 4:33
Publisher: 123 Reg
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