Webzilla Announces Expansion of Its Cloud Storage Platform

Webzilla, a global hosting and cloud hosting services provider, part of XBT Holding based in Luxembourg, has announced the expansion of their cloud storage service, Instant Files, fuelled by a rapid increase in demand. The move would represent a growing confidence in the cloud. Due to Webzilla’s constant growth, this is already the second increase in their storage capacity.

Each trimester since 2013, when Webzilla first introduced their cloud storage platform, has recorded an average increase of 500 terabytes. Moreover, in the period between November 2014 and January 2015, the storage consumption has expanded with one petabyte, reaching 3,000 terabytes. Expectations are for the demand to further inflate in the next months.

webzilla-cloud-hosting“According to analysts, one of the top spending priorities for companies in 2015 is going to be Storage,” said Nikolay Dvas, Project Manager of Webzilla. “Having this in mind, we expect that this is not the last time we increase our capacity. Instant Files was developed with a focus on flexibility and the users’ response has been very positive. Cloud storage provides freedom and the rapid increase in demand is not a surprise for us.”

In addition to the high-end security mechanisms, Webzilla‘s Instant Files would benefit from a polished CDN integration, broad CMS support, and triple redundancy. Webzilla is a worldwide provider of enterprise-grade hosting and cloud hosting services, with a private backbone network linking multiple carrier-neutral datacenters in Europe (Luxembourg and the Netherlands), North America (Texas) and Asia (India and Singapore).