Webzilla Enters Into Finance Agreement with Dell To Increase Purchasing Power and Growth

Webzilla, a global provider of managed servers, cloud servers and CDN, has entered into an agreement with Dell Financial Services to spread its payments for Dell PowerEdge servers and additional services for its Dutch datacenter. This would enable the hosting provider to increase its purchasing power and speed up further growth of the company.

managed-servers-webzillaWebzilla’s decision to work with Dell, as a server equipment supplier and a bank, eliminates the need of a 3rd party financing and puts the company on the right track to keep up with its planned growth rate and customer satisfaction levels.

“The incremental investment in hardware is quite big and, because customers pay a monthly fee, the ROI might take up to six months,” said Rajesh Kumar Mishra, Chief Financial Officer of Webzilla. “One of our differentiators towards our audience is our ability to bring them “live” within hours. To fulfill this promise we keep a substantial amount of servers in stock.  One great advantage of having Dell as our hardware vendor on one hand and as our bank on the other is that they have in-depth knowledge of the volume of the business that we do with them. They can easily link our financing needs with our purchasing history.”

Part of XBT Holding

Webzilla is a global provider of managed servers, cloud servers and CDN, with a private backbone network linking multiple carrier-neutral datacenters in Europe (Luxembourg and the Netherlands), North America (Texas) and Asia (India and Singapore). The Webzilla brand is part of XBT Holding Ltd., a privately-owned global hosting, network solutions and web development provider founded in 2005, with offices in eight countries.

XBT operates a worldwide proprietary network through five carrier-neutral datacenters and 13 points of presence (PoPs) in the United States, Europe and Asia, with more than 16,000 servers throughout seven subsidiaries.