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The aim of this video is to explain what gTLDs are, why you need as many as possible, the various phases of their release and the manner in which they can be purchased with 123-reg.

The acronym gTLD stands for generic Top Level Domain. To understand what one is, you need to know what a Top Level Domain is. Stemming from the early 2000s, the top level domain nomenclature comprises extensions such as .com, .org, .net or .au.

The existing TLDs are classified by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) into several categories, among which the most known are:
• Generic (gTLD): .com; .net; .org;
• Country-Code (ccTLD): .au; .uk; .us;
• Sponsored (sTLDS): .tel; .mobi; .jobs;
• Infrastructure (iTLDs): .arpa;
• Reserved: .test; .example; .invalid;

Returning to gTLDs, they represent the most common type of Top Level Domains and 23 such extensions have been introduced into use since 2004. However, for a period of time, no new ones have been created. This, nevertheless, is about to change starting with 2014, as a new series of gTLDs will be released, triggering the opportunity for 1500 new extensions to be used on the Internet in the following years.

The necessity of introducing more gTLDs is owed to the continuous expansion of the information flow and businesses in the online environment. To keep up with the new requirements, new extensions need to be delivered. Their introduction implies a set of benefits, among which we mention:
– The simplification of domain names used for new or existing businesses and individuals (e.g. www.myexample-businesslondon.com can become www.examplebusiness.london);
– Increase of visibility through relevant extensions (such as .builder, .plumbing) prior to the actual accessing of your related site;
– Immediate identification of the locality of your business through extensions such as .london, helping visitors to gain related insight.

To obtain a gTLD, the principle of fist come — first served is applied. The release of such domains depends on the type of the customer. There are four major phases of release with slight degrees of variations depending on the registry of each gTLD. These are:
• The Sunrise phase — trademark owners and established businesses are enabled to safeguard their identity before the domain extensions become available to the general public;
• The landrush and early access stages — refer to the period when higher value, shorter and memorable denominations for domains are put on sale at premium prices;
• The stage of general availability — the point where the new gTLDs are taken by the first customer to request one at an advantageous price.

All of the above are preceded by a pre-order period, but it is important that the four phases to follow the mentioned order.

To set a pre-order for the upcoming gTLDs, simply access http://gtld.123-reg.co.uk/ and search for your preferred extension.

If further help and assistance is required, don’t hesitate to go to http://www.123-reg.co.uk/support.

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