What if you had a Java EE app server running on a Raspberry Pi?

What if you had a Jave EE app server that could run on a Raspberry Pi? Well, did you know WAS Liberty is light enough to run on something as small as a Raspberry Pi? In this video you’ll see some cool examples of what you can do with WAS Liberty and Raspberry Pis. See here for more details http://bit.ly/1MPWpuP.

But that’s not all- the possibilities are endless. One developer describes “I’m interested to see how Liberty Profile has been put in Raspberry Pi because that’s really lightweight stuff to do.”

IBM Liberty developer evangelist, Tom Banks, describes one example of running Liberty on a Raspberry Pi. “So these are what we call the Liberty cars. They are a radio-controlled car. We’ve ripped out the radio receiver, plug in a Raspberry Pi computer and we’ve given the cars an extra circuit board And on the Raspberry Pi we’re running WebSphere Applications server Liberty Profile…And the reason it can run on the Raspberry Pi is because of its modular architecture. And what you can do is you can take out your mobile device, connect it to the WiFi network on the car, point it to a webpage hosted on that application, and then you’re able to drive the car around using your web browser, just using JavaScript and HTML5.”

Another example Tom say is from a developer who lives in Austin. “And he’s got a – a son who’s got a pet lizard. And this guy has got a — a Liberty Profile running on a Raspberry Pi and he’s automated this lizard enclosure. He can monitor the humidity and the temperature. He can change those things remotely using a webpage… There’s a little motor attached to some leaves, he can even make the leaves rustle to – to wake the lizard up and to make sure it’s alright. And this is an IOT setup with a whole bunch of sensors and output devices that he’s built using the Liberty Profile on the Raspberry Pi. And he’s just open-sourced that and – and made it available for everyone to go and look at, which is I think it’s fantastic.”

Tom also describes “it’s just not just the Liberty and the Raspberry Pi, you can run the Liberty Profile on a whole multitude of devices.” So what could you do with WAS Liberty and a Raspberry Pi? To get started with WAS Liberty for free, visit: ‪http://www.WASDev.net

Duration: 1:26
Publisher: IBMcloud
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