What is an SSL certificate and do you need one? | 123-reg

This video explains what secure sockets layer (SSL) is and what are the major benefits of purchasing your own SSL certificate in order to protect sensitive data.

SSL encrypts information sent between your site and a user’s web browser so that it cannot be read as it is across the Internet. The web address of pages viewed over SSL start with starts https://, instead of http://.

SSL is usually utilised by websites that ask users for sensitive information such as credit card number or password. This also helps increase visitors’ trust in your website, making them feel more comfortable to create an account or purchase an item from your website.

So if you are requesting sensitive customer information through your site, it’s recommended to purchase an SSL certificate and install it on to your domain name in order to encrypt pages on your site.

For other useful information on SSL and the benefits of getting one for your website, read the following 123-reg support article: https://www.123-reg.co.uk/support/answers/Video/SSL-Certificates/SSL-Explained/what-is-an-ssl-certificate-do-i-need-one-721/

Duration: 2:43
Publisher: 123 Reg
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