What is BeyondCorp? What is IAP (BeyondCorp in a Bottle)

BeyondCorp is Google’s new zero trust security approach on granting employees remote access without the traditional VPN. In this episode, Max will provide further explanation on BeyondCorp’s model as well as how you can get started.

BeyondCorp Enterprise Security → http://bit.ly/2TMQEb7
BeyondCorp Blog → http://bit.ly/2FxeCnT
Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy → http://bit.ly/2RMSiw1
Cloud Trust and Security → http://bit.ly/2MelhUA

BeyondCorp in a Bottle Playlist → http://bit.ly/BeyondCorp-in-a-Bottle
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Duration: 2:13
Publisher: Google Cloud
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