What is Cloud Spanner?

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If you need to handle unexpected business spikes or deliver applications that transform your business, you have to make sure that you have a database that’s able to scale without limits or downtime provide data consistency, and eliminates management overhead. Welcome to the first episode of Spanner: Database Unlimited! In this video, we’ll give you an overview of Cloud Spanner – a fully managed relational database service that offers unlimited scale, strong consistency and up to 99.999% availability to make your business-critical applications hum with reliability, resilience, and power. Watch to learn how Cloud Spanner can support scalable apps, speed up innovation, and simplify database operations.

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Traditional database challenges
1:23 – Spanner overview
2:04 – Spanner’s scale
3:06 – Spanner’s consistency
3:56 – Spanner’s high availability
4:40 – Enterprise-proven features
5:10 – Industry use cases
5:30 – Conclusion

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Product: Cloud Spanner; fullname: Stephanie Wong;

Duration: 00:06:18
Publisher: Google Cloud
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