What is Code Rally?

Java developers meet your match – Code Rally is an open source racing game. Instead of racing around a track using a controller you write an AI (Artificial Intelligence) to race for you! Code Rally is powered by WAS Liberty and IBM Bluemix! To learn more, visit: ‪http://ibm.co/coderally

In this video, you’ll hear from an IBM developer evangelist, Tom Banks, and other developers about how fun and addicting Code Rally can be! Tom explains that instead of racing the vehicles around a track using let’s say an Xbox controller, you’re creating an AI in Java to race your vehicle against others.

It’s a really fun game for developers! One Code Rally player says, “Code Rally is really awesome, this is the first time I’ve been here but I really liked it. I think I spent about 3 hours there.”

Another Code Rally player says, “What I liked most about it is to be able to actually tweak the code myself and to be able to create a custom AI to place it on the map that was the cool part for me.”

A few others share – “There’s a lot of nice things you can try and see and a lot of cool projects that people do.” “It’s kind of a fun way to tinker around and how your code can have an immediate output in a fun way.” “This is a good opportunity for you to play, get a feel of it, and then actually take back notes and plan your software for the future.”

What if you could build the fastest Java AI? Test your skills in an upcoming online Code Rally challenge we have launching in early July and lasting through August. 5 regions will get to compete in the online Code Rally challenge- North America, China, Brazil, India and Europe. Register to play now: http://ibm.co/coderallychallenge

Duration: 1:25
Publisher: IBMcloud
You can watch this video also at the source.

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