What is Disaster Recovery Planning?

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• Disaster Recovery Planning is a technology-based process that ensures client’s hosting solutions are returned to normal performance as soon as possible after a major problem.

• It is a strategy to keep vital data safe and accessible even in the worst of situations.

• It also guarantees applications stay online continuously to prevent the loss of business.

• And ensures a continuity of service to the client’s customers so their positive reputation remains intact.

Who should consider a Disaster Recovery Plan?

• In reality Disaster Recovery Planning is important for every business with an online presence and vital for mission critical hosting solutions.

• It is also crucial to any online business that stores client information and user databases.

What does a good provider include in their Disaster Recovery Plan?

• Managed backups. Expert managed backups of clients’ data are set at regular intervals, so in the event of disaster files and applications can be immediately restored.

• Offsite data backup. For organisations storing vital or sensitive data offsite data backup adds a further level of security.

Should disaster affect the primary storage location, data is therefore safe and accessible at all times in a secondary area.

• A Business Continuity Platform. This plug-in-and-go service ensures that even in the most trying server situations, clients remain up, running and ready to do business.

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