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Domain forwarding is the process wherein the domain forward feature lets you point your domain name to another website without hosting your domain name. This is used when you have registered a number of similar domain names and you want to have the same website for all domain names.

Domain name forwarding is one of the free services provided by ResellerClub. It is a complementary service bundled with any paid service in Order box. Domain name forwarding service uses HTTP 301 redirection and we have servers dedicated for the domain name forwarding service.

You can follow the steps mentioned below, to know what is domain forwarding and how to forward a domain name:
Login to your Reseller Account (https://goo.gl/hwHGwh)
Click on Products → List All Orders
Click on the domain name for which you want to configure the domain forwarding service
On the overview page scroll down to the domain forwarding tab and click on Manage domain forwarding

You can also further know how to forward a domain name using the advanced options. You can setup advanced options for domain forwarding by clicking on the Advanced Settings tab:

Destination URL – You can either add HTTP or https based destination URL here for forwarding. It can also comprise of an URL with IP address, instead of FQDN.

URL Masking / Stealth Redirection / URL Hiding – When enabled, the Domain Forwarding server sends the client a Frames page where the Frame Source contains the destination URL you have specified. This ensures that the URL in the address bar of the browser does not change though the client sees the destination page. Enabling URL masking will ensure that your visitors see the source URL and not the destination URL while domain forwarding

Having enabled URL Masking while forwarding which works on HTML Frames <frame>, you can further define certain HTML elements in the HEAD section like Page title and Meta tags.

Subdomain forwarding- Enabling Subdomain Forwarding will forward a request made to www.subdomain.yourwebsite.org.in to www.yourdestinationurl/subdomain/

Path forwarding- Enabling Path Forwarding will forward requests made to www.yourwebsite.org.in/some/path to www.yourdestinationurl/some/path

Also, you need to make sure that the destination URL does not have any frame busters as it does not allow the URL to be masked at the time of domain forwarding. A frame buster is a technique used by the web application to prevent their webpages from being displayed within a frame. We now know if the URL Masking is enabled for a Domain Forwarding service, the destination URL is served in an HTML Frame to retain the original URL in the address bar. Therefore, if a destination site has Frame Busting code, such forwarding service will not retain the source URL in the browser. Mostly all popular sites have a frame busting code.

Domain name forwarding services can only be enabled if there are no Web hosting orders for the domain as the purchase of web hosting service indicates that the domain has its own website developed and would soon be hosted there. Now that you know what is domain forwarding, you can check out this feature at ResellerClub along with the wide range of domain names available on the platform (https://goo.gl/ziZaWM).

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