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What is Magento?

Magento is an open source, ecommerce platform. It is designed to offer online retailers high levels of customisation, control and flexibility so they can build and run their web store exactly as they want.

The community edition of Magento is free, and has enough features for most small to medium businesses. These include analytics such as sales reports and search term reports, and integration with PayPal for secure payments.

For more complex requirements, there is an enterprise edition available. This comes with additional functionality and support from Magento, but for most SMEs wanting to branch out into ecommerce, the enterprise edition, starting at £15,000 is not an option.

To get the maximum functionality you can from the community edition it is important that you have the correct hosting solution to support it. At UKFast we’ve found Magento works best with an optimised Linux stack.

Magento can be quite a resource heavy platform to host, so ensure that you fully discuss your needs with your hosting provider before launching a Magento based website.

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