What is Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking?

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Penetration testing – also known as pen testing or ethical hacking – may seem a bit of a weird concept; after all, we get enough threats from the outside world, why should we hack ourselves? But there’s a method to our madness, and it’s a madness that more people should be getting on board with!

Every hour there are around 1000 cyber-attacks on British businesses. You might be thinking ‘that would never happen to me’, but attackers don’t discriminate: no matter what shape or size, your business will still have something of value to them. With all the security scares in the news recently, it’s becoming clear that solutions shouldn’t be left vulnerable, yet so many organisations aren’t aware that they’re extremely hackable; and pen testing is a great way of putting yourself a step ahead.

What is a pen test?

Very simply, penetration testing is hacking yourself (or a security company hacking you for you). It’s like going for a full-body health scan and finding out your weak spots before you get sick, so you can get it fixed up before your body is attacked by a virus. That way, once you know where you’re most easily attacked, you can pre-empt hackers and protect yourself before they spot your weaknesses.

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