What is Service Mesh and how to get started with it? | Mirantis Labs – Tech Talks

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A service mesh is a tool for adding observability, security, and reliability features to applications by inserting these features at the platform layer rather than the application layer.

In this talk, Daniel Virassamy will go through the fundamental concepts of Service Mesh, different tools out there, and how to get started with them. Included is an extensive demo covering how to install & deploy Istio Service Mesh using Mirantis Lens, the Kubernetes IDE and Mirantis Container Cloud.

0:00 – Introductions & agenda
4:15 – What is Service Mesh & why should I use it?
7:49 – Common Service Mesh use cases
21:28 – Open source solutions for Service Mesh
23:34 – What is Istio?
28:18 – What is Envoy & what does it offer?
29:39 – What we’ll be covering in the demo
30:58 – A few words about Mirantis Container Cloud
32:33 – A few words about Lens, the Kubernetes IDE
34:07 – Live Demo: Deploying Istio Service Mesh
1:30:06 – A look ahead to next week’s talk
1:31:49 – Outro

Duration: 01:33:56
Publisher: Mirantis
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