What is Social Media? How to Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

What is Social Media? How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business.
These are questions I get frequently askedl.
There is a lot of confusion out there with Social Media, What is it? How You can use social media to grow your business?

A lot of people will be thinking what am I going to tweet about?, what am I going to write about on Facebook?

They fall into the category of the talking head, sharing stuff such as what I had for my breakfast, look what color socks I am wearing today or a voice in wilderness asking to please like my website. Why? why should I like your website? who are you? and what are you doing? Try not to get too focus on two hangout about the tools.

Think of social media has having a big S and a small M.

Try to focus on the social, don’t worry so much about the tools.

In our book “The Lazy Website Syndrome” we created a number of social media profiles which will help you understand how you can use social media to grow your business.

We quickly go through this step by step in the book.

We talk about the differnet profiles which are Local Hero, Local Hub, Coach, Niche & Player.

Duration: 8:33
Publisher: Pickaweb
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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO